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Did you know, during the past decade, less than 2% of Silicon Valley identified as Black?

You best believe Joseph Hart does! Got something to say about it, too. As do the rest of the Hart family.

Especially, when Joseph mistakenly discovers a secret life hack inside a spammy new email.

Email from a childhood chum no less, promising privileged access to a powerful AI containing forbidden codes unto a lifetime supply of happiness. That’s right, y’all, he ain’t no fool.

He ain’t no genius either, given his only known path to glory is by publishing every secret for free on his rudimentary DIY blog.

But when seemingly everyone, including old friends, strangers, and the Internet’s most random and anonymous, chooses instead to ridicule his atypical work only Joseph can decide, is the agony worth the effort? Will he ever receive his fair share? Perhaps, for impossible dreamers like Joe, the only true key to happiness is found within the heart.

A fictional account of the peaks and valleys of a brazenly Black family and their creative DIY life-hacks at work in Y2K Silicon Valley.

The Valley of Heart’s Delight.

- Jafari Joseph

"The Valley Of Heart's Delight" By Jafari Joseph

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